Which Kakegurui Character Am I Quiz? 1 Minute To Know Which Kakegurui Character Are You

Take our quiz to find out which Kakegurui character are you in Season 1. Ever since Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler came out on Netflix, there has been absolute fandom towards this anime. To summarise, this anime takes place in a school called Hyakkaou Private Academy which is one of Japan’s most prestigious schools. Students such as Ryota Suzui, Mary Saotome, Jabami Yumeko, Kirari Momobami, and Midari Ikishima, etc use gambling to climb the school’s hierarchy as they believe that’s the only way to make it in life. 

So which character do you think you are? The results might surprise you and it might show you to be as obedient as Ryota Suzui, risk-taking like Jabami Yumeko, loyal like Mary Saotome, controlling like Kirari Momobami, or even as crazy as Midari Ikishima.

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Which Kakegurui Character Am I Quiz? 1 Minute To Know Which Kakegurui Character Are You

1 / 10

Do you like gambling?

2 / 10

Someone randomly challenged you to a gamble. How do you respond?

3 / 10

What would be your signature statement when you know you’re winning?

4 / 10

What’s your playing style?

5 / 10

Your best friend is now a house pet. What do you do?

6 / 10

You see your crush going on a date with another person. What would you do?

7 / 10

What’s your maximum bet?

8 / 10

What characteristic do you admire in others?

9 / 10

What characteristic would you be famous for?

10 / 10

Which quote speaks to you?

Your Quiz Results 

Ryota Suzui

Out of all the characters in Kakegurui, you’re very kind and friendly. At first, people will see you as timid but once you know people well enough, you start to become more confident to stand your ground. Not only that, you try to be as fair as possible in everything you do.

Jabami Yumeko

When you first entered Kakegurui, many people’s first impression of your character is someone modest. However, once they get to know you longer, they’ll see the crazy side of you. Besides that, you’re very cunning to call out people who are being inauthentic and with your manic personality, you make sure to bring them down.

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Mary Saotome

First of all, you’re used to being the powerful character in Kakegurui. People have difficulty understanding you at first. Some may even fear you. Despite knowing that you’re prideful, but you have the skills to back it up. Because of that, you never back down from a challenge and you’re always willing to learn anything new, even if it’s a loss.

Mary Saotome

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Kirari Momobami

Among all the Kakegurui students, you’re the character that everyone looks up to. However, no one can read your next step, which makes you super mysterious and people fear you. Most of all, you enjoy being in power and will do everything it takes to keep it, but only if being in position allows you to keep things interesting.

Kirari Momobami

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Midari Ikishima 

All students fear you because you’re the type of character in Kakegurui to go either 0% or 100%, nothing in between. Because of that, you use extreme methods to get to what you want to do, even if it costs you your life. You love a challenge and don’t hesitate to throw yourself in the face of danger when needed.

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