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Chainsaw Man Trivia Quiz: How Well Do You Know the World of Devil Hunters?

If you’re a fan of the manga series Chainsaw Man, you know that it’s a world filled with powerful demons, determined Devil Hunters, and intense action. But how well do you really know this thrilling world? Take our Chainsaw Man trivia quiz to find out!

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What is the name of the organization that the main character joins in the series?

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What is the main character's name in Chainsaw Man?

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Who is the main devil antagonist in the first season of Chainsaw Man?

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What is the name of the main character's best friend and ally in the series?

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What is the main character's weapon of choice in Chainsaw Man?

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What is the name of the main character's rival in the series?

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Who possesses the Ghost Devil?

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What is the main objective of the Public Safety Devil Hunters in Chainsaw Man?

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What is the name of the powerful devil that the main character encounters early in the series?

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What is the name of the main character's mentor in the series?

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Chainsaw Man is a manga series filled with memorable characters, each with their own unique personalities and abilities. Here are some of the main characters in the series and a brief overview of their personalities:


The protagonist of the series, Denji is a young man who becomes a Devil Hunter after being transformed into the titular Chainsaw Man. Despite his rough exterior and tendency to act impulsively, Denji is a determined and compassionate hero who will stop at nothing to protect his friends and the world from the demons.


A Devil Hunter and the rival of Denji, Power is initially cold and aloof, but as the series progresses, he begins to warm up to his fellow hunters and forms strong bonds with them. Despite his often stoic demeanor, Power is a skilled fighter who is fiercely dedicated to his mission.

Aki Hayakawa

Aki Hayakawa – A Devil Hunter who uses her abilities to manipulate electricity, Aki is a confident and charming individual who often serves as the team’s moral compass. Though she can be fierce in battle, Aki also has a caring side, and she is always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.


Pochita is a unique character in the manga series Chainsaw Man. He is a demon who is transformed into a chainsaw weapon by the protagonist, Denji. Pochita serves as Denji’s loyal companion and is often seen riding on his shoulder.

Despite his appearance as a chainsaw, Pochita has a distinct personality and is a key player in the story. He is a mischievous and playful character who is always up for a good time. Despite his silly nature, Pochita is also incredibly powerful and is able to provide Denji with much-needed support in battle.

One of the most interesting aspects of Pochita is the bond he forms with Denji. The two characters share a deep connection, and Pochita’s unwavering loyalty to Denji is a central theme of the series. Whether he is helping Denji take on powerful demons or simply cheering him up in a moment of despair, Pochita is an essential part of the Chainsaw Man world.

Overall, Pochita is a beloved and quirky character in the Chainsaw Man series. Whether you’re a fan of the action, horror, or comedy elements of the series, Pochita is sure to be a standout character who will leave a lasting impression.


The main antagonist of the series, Makima is a mysterious and powerful demon who serves as the leader of the devils. Though she is often seen as cold and aloof, Makima is a complex character with her own motivations and desires.

These are just a few of the main characters in Chainsaw Man, and there are many more interesting and unique individuals to discover throughout the series. Whether you’re a fan of the action, horror, or comedy elements, there is a character in Chainsaw Man that is sure to capture your imagination.

How to Perfect My Chainsaw Man Cosplay?

To perfect your Chainsaw Man cosplay, here are some tips to consider:

  1. Research the character: Take time to understand the character you want to cosplay as. Study their physical features, costume details, and personality traits. Watch gameplay videos or read their backstory to gain a deeper understanding of the character.
  2. Choose the right materials: Look for high-quality materials that match the character’s outfit. Consider the texture, color, and overall appearance of the materials you choose. Don’t forget to include any accessories or props that the character uses.
  3. Pay attention to details: Pay attention to the smallest details, such as the character’s hairstyle, makeup, and accessories. It’s the small details that will make your cosplay stand out.
  4. Practice makeup and hairstyling: If the character has a unique hairstyle or makeup, practice replicating it before the day of the event. Try different techniques until you get it just right. Wear colored contacts specially designed for Chainsaw Man characters to make the character comes to real life!
  5. Use reference images: Keep reference images handy during the construction process. This will help you stay on track and ensure that your cosplay is as accurate as possible.
  6. Get feedback: Ask friends or fellow cosplayers for feedback on your cosplay. They may notice details that you missed or have suggestions for improvement.
  7. Have fun: Remember that cosplay is about having fun and celebrating your favorite characters. Enjoy the process and be proud of your creation!

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