Which Demon Slayer Hashira Are You? – 1 Minute Quiz To Know

Ever wanted to find out which Demon Slayer Hashira character you are? To start, there are nine Hashira in Demon Slayer: Water Hashira, Serpent Hashira, Love Hashira, Wind Hashira, Stone Hashira, Mist Hashira, Insect Hashira, Fire Hashira, and Sound Hashira. The Hashira, or also known as the Pillars, are considered the highest ranking combatants in the Demon Slayer Corps. Because of that, they’re considered the strongest and most powerful warriors.

which demon slayer hashira are you
Demon Slayer 9 Hashiras

Due to their strength, everyone looks up to them, and so do we! As a result of that, we created this quiz so now you can find out which Demon Slayer Hashira character you are. You might be Demon Slayer Fire Hashira, Rengoku Kyojuro, maybe even Demon Slayer Love Hashira, Kanroji Mitsuri, or even Demon Slayer Wind Shinazugawa Sanemi!

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1 Minute Quiz To Know Which Demon Slayer Hashira Are You?

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What do you think about demons?

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2 / 9

Which power appeals to you the most?

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3 / 9

What’s your favourite colour?

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4 / 9

What would your outfit look like?

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5 / 9

Why did you become a Demon Slayer Hashira?

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6 / 9

What pet would you like to have?

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7 / 9

What is your favourite Japanese food?

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8 / 9

Describe yourself in 1 word?

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Final question: Pick the best power combo.

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Results for Which Demon Slayer Hashira Character Are You Quiz

1. You are Tomioka Giyu

You have a very strong sense of justice. Because of that, you became a Demon Slayer Hashira who don’t hesitate to kill any demons in your path, although you’re willing to reconsider your decision once it’s proven that these demons won’t eat humans.

Besides that, when it comes to interacting with people, you prefer to distance yourself to not get hurt by others. Once you get close to someone, you protect them with all your might and never stop caring for them in every way possible.

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2. Your Demon Slayer Love Hashira Character is Kanroji Mitsuri

If there’s a trait that best describes you, it’s happy-go-lucky. Because of your lovely character, people love being around you as you’re a very passionate person and you enjoy complimenting people. Thus, you enjoy showing love to others, just like your Love Hashira in Demon Slayer, but you’re very shy about it.

Although you enjoy showing a lot of love, that doesn’t mean you can’t be fierce when you need to, which appears when someone threatens the people you love. When that threat happens, you’ll show no mercy and you’re determined to end them.

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3. You are Iguro Obanai

You live by this saying: Rules exist for a reason. So to you, if anyone disobeys the rules, they deserve the consequences. In other words, you’re also a perfectionist, which means your expectations must be met and anything below that is not worthy.

Despite your harsh manner, once you love and care about someone, you go all out for them to the point it can seem a little overprotective. This overprotectiveness may seem smothering, but people understand your intentions and will do anything for you.

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4. Your Demon Slayer Hashira Character is Shinazugawa Sanemi

At first, people often misunderstand you because of your stubbornness and hot-headedness, but you never let it stop you from succeeding. Above all, you never hide away from battle and in fact, dive into it.

People are rarely seen around you because you have a tendency to push them away in an attempt to protect yourself. However, once you stop pushing them away and open your heart to let them in, you’ll realise that you care about these people way more than you expected. 

5. You are Himejima Gyomei

People will be first scared of you due to your demeanor. However, after people get to know you, you’re actually a softie who doesn’t want to harm even a fly. Not only that, you also stick to what you believe and won’t waver at any challenges that come your way.

Overall, you have a hard time building relationships as you are very cautious and don’t trust others easily due to your past. However, the moment these people gained your trust, nothing will stop you from giving them the world.

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6. Your Demon Slayer Hashira Character is Uzui Tengen

You’re the life of the party everywhere you go. It’s as though you’re made to be in the spotlight. You also expect others to have this same personality as yours, which makes introverts find it difficult to get along with you.

You may have strong beliefs, but you’re willing to change them if they hurt the people closest to you. Because of this trait, you’re never selfish with those you love and you always support them to live the best life they could ever have. 

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7. You are Tokito Muichiro

You’re often in your own world because you’re often seen staring blankly and thinking a lot. It takes time for others to understand you because everything you do is logical without emotions coming into play.

You also take a long time to trust someone and fully unleash the real you underneath the mask. Once you do trust someone, you will do everything you can to create a happy experience with whoever you trust.

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8. You are Kocho Shinobu

At first, you’re not how you appear to be. It might look like you’re a sweet and happy person who’s willing to bond with others, but deep inside, you’re hiding a dark secret. As a result, this makes you more cautious and it takes time to build your trust.

Despite that, you have very strong emotions which you use to your advantage in life. This may sometimes cloud your judgment but your intelligence combined with these emotions help you cope with every challenge that comes your way.

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9. Demon Slayer Fire Hashira – Rengoku Kyojuro

Everyone looks up to you as a leader due to your dedication in giving back to society. As the Fire Hashira in Demon Slayer, you always give your 100% with clear morals and values. Although you’re naturally talented, you worked hard to be where you are today.

When it comes to people, you’ll always find the best in them and work on building up their strength as it comes naturally to you. Despite the optimism and trust you have in people, doubts still come to you but you’ll brush it off quickly to bring them up.

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