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Top 10 Fiery Red-heads Anime Cosplay to Ignite Your Next Costume Event

Welcome one and all to our Top 10 Picks for the Best Red-heads of Anime to Cosplay! These characters have stood the test of time and remained fan-favorites for a multitude of reasons. They are also super fun to Cosplay and really stand out amidst the crowd. So without further stalling, let’s get right into it! Note that these characters are no in any particular order, and will include both Male and Female entries~

Erza Scarlet

Starting off the list with a bang is the one and only Queen of Anime, Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail! This S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild is as gorgeous as she is powerful. What’s more, her Requip: The Knight Spatial Magic gives her access to thousands of Weapons, Armor and Clothes, so your choices here are numerous.

One thing’s for certain, no matter what she wears, her stunning long Red Hair will be the icing atop the cake! As one of the greatest female Swordsmen, a Sword Prop will become a welcome addition to your cosplay.

Yoko Littner

Anyone who has watched Gurren Lagann could never forget it, and the same goes for its fiery red-headed female protagonist, Yoko Littner. Hailing from the Littner village, this girl was born and bred for battle amidst countless hardships. Her proficiency with a wide range of firearms is no joke, and she will kick ass in her signature bikinis and shorts.

Her strength and determination are reflected in all these outfits, so take your pick. The crown? Her long flowing red hair which drapes around her curvy figure! And for those who are into anime cosplay, Yoko Littner’s red-heads anime cosplay has become a fan favorite, with many admirers donning her iconic look at conventions and events worldwide.

Stephanie Dola

It’s been over 8 years and No Game No Life still hasn’t received its much-deserving continuation. Does this make Stephanie Dola any less endearing? Absolutely not! Imanity may rank at 16 in Disboards, owing to their lack of magic or superpowers, but Stephanie made sure her race and culture somehow survived until Sora and Shiro came along.

Even now, she effectively handles bureaucratic affairs while wearing her cute Floral-themed dress and vibrant short Red hair. The vibe you’re going for here is chic and colorful! 

Makise Kurisu

Steins;Gate really doesn’t get enough love, and that’s terrible considering how superb a character Kurisu Makise is. As the daughter of Shouichi Makise, she is a genius graduate from the Brain Science Institute at Viktor Chondria University. Her professional Lab-styled attire and long dark Red Hair are iconic, and she’s got the brains to match.

Don’t forget to wear the Lab Coat in her signature style for this one! This is a simple yet impactful cosplay to remind everyone of her majesty. 

Rias Gremory

You can’t have a list of Anime Redheads without including High School DxD’s magnificent female protagonist, Rias Gremory. This voluptuous beauty is the heir to the Gremory Clan and one of Issei’s fiancées. Her Power of Destruction lets her erase and disintegrate matter via massive blasts and will do so in the most badass ways possible.

A Rias cosplay would be unforgettable to most onlookers and her stunning red hair will only stand out more. After all, no one can rock that Uniform better than her!

Grelle Sutcliff 

What better way to start the latter half of the list than with Grelle Sutcliff, an iconic character perfect for red-heads anime cosplay? While he is biologically male, he is a “self-proclaimed lady” with a lot of spunk! Grelle is a Grim Reaper and a part of the Retrieval Division of the Grim Reaper Dispatch. He is extremely outspoken, flamboyant, and unreserved.

A strong predilection for the color red drives him forward, as reflected in his clothing choices and long, messy red hair. This red-headed anime character makes for a fantastic cosplay opportunity, allowing fans to embrace their inner flamboyance. And don’t forget his signature glasses either! This ensemble is sure to turn heads and be a hit at any cosplay event.

Karma Akabane

If you’re attracted to men, there’s no doubt you’ve fallen for Karma Akabane at least once while watching Assassination Classroom. As a star student of Korosensei’s Class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School, he was initially known for his violent behavior, but none can question the ingenious head upon those shoulders.

His look is fueled by his spiky Red hair and Golden eyes, which reflect his badassery and rebellious personality. Surely an easy Cosplay that’ll yield high results! 


Even if you haven’t watched Hunter × Hunter, you must’ve seen or heard about Hisoka Morow at some point. This Hunter was formerly member #4 of the Phantom Troupe and possessed wicked physical strength. Constantly on the search for strong opponents, he would even help the growth of those with great potential.

As one of the greatest antagonists in all of Anime, a Hisoka cosplay will undoubtedly blow fans away. His magician/jester attire coupled with bright red hair will really leave an impression!

Renji Abarai

What would Ichigo’s bright Orange hair be without an equally vibrant rival? Renji Abarai is a Soul Reaper who serves as the Division 6 Lieutenant under Byakuya Kuchiki. He serves as one of Ichigo’s rivals and most trusted friends throughout the series.

His signature eyebrows and bright Red hair serve to highlight his dynamic, smug and cocky personality, but he is a very serious and determined fighter regardless. What’s more, he is a man with eyes for only one lady, Rukia Kuchiki! 


What better way to conclude the list than with the legendary Shanks from One Piece? He is the chief of the Red Hair Pirates and one of the Four Emperors, who once sailed with the Roger Pirates as an infant. Shanks is the man who inspired protagonist Luffy to start his own pirate journey and even provided him with Gomu Gomu no Mi, albeit accidentally. His getup is easy enough to put together, but you absolutely cannot mess up the dark Red hair in his signature hairstyle! 

And thus concludes our list! Did we catch your favorites? There are so many iconic Red-heads in Anime to cosplay, but only so few can fit into one article. These entries were made with the possibility of great Cosplays in mind, including characters with very simple to complex getups. Nevertheless, all of them are iconic and well loved among the masses. As such, we hope you found a solid contender for your next cosplay! 

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