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Best Guide to Anime & Comic Con – What You Should Know For Your 1st Con

Heading for your first anime and comic-con ever and feeling nervous about it? Here’s a guide to find some do’s and don’ts in this anime and comic-con, how to dress for the event, and what you should know if you plan on attending. But most importantly, we’ll give you tips on how to make the best of your experience and have fun!

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Guide #1: What is a comic con?

To guide you on what anime and comic-con is, it is an event where comic fans, creators, and experts gather to attend panels, go to parties, and participate in discussions centered around comics. Furthermore, as manga is considered a comic as well, a lot of manga fans will be attending there too!

Guide #2: How many people will be at comic-con?

Depending on how big comic-con is, the number of people can go up to hundreds of thousands. It can be rather crowded if the venue is small. So if you’re planning to just visit, make sure to dress comfortably as it could be an outdoor location. Trust us, wearing thick clothes is a bad choice.

Guide #3: How do you dress up for comic-con?

Fun fact, you don’t need to dress up for the comic con. In fact, you can just join the event wearing your normal, everyday clothes or even your favorite series’ merchandise.

Also, dressing up is actually called cosplay (costume play) that is done within the community. To elaborate further, cosplay is an activity that people do to show love to their favorite comic series

Guide #4: Can you take photos at comic-con with the people who cosplay?

Yes, of course! All of the people who cosplay (also known as cosplayers) will be more than happy to strike a pose and take a photo with you. But don’t forget, always ask for permission and avoid touching their costume as it may be delicate. If you’d also like to hold their props, ask the cosplayer and respect them if they say no

Guide #5: What do you need to bring to comic-con?

Here’s a simple list that we divided for non-cosplayers and cosplayers:

things to bring to comic-con


  • Refillable water bottle – the best way to stay hydrated
  • Hat and sunscreen – help to protect you from the sun
  • Snacks – in case there’s a long line, you can keep hunger at bay
  • An extra bag – to put in all the merchandise you bought
  • Book and pen – to get your idols’ signatures
  • Cash – in case electronic payments are not accepted at some booths


So if you’re a cosplayer dressing up elaborately as a character, you’ll need all of the above and tools to save your cosplay should anything happen such as…

  • Double-sided tape
  • Safety pins
  • Staplers
  • Duct tape
  • Superglue
  • Bobby pins for wigs

Guide #6: What are the activities at comic-con?

activities at comic-con

It’s a long list as there are many different types of people there, and this will affect the types of events held. Besides this list below, other activities may vary, depending on the event organizers.

Comic creators

Writers, artists, colorists and sometimes letterers and editors are available for you to ask for autographs, sketches, critiques, or to just be a giggly fan of their work.

Small press comic entrepreneurs

These people will be there to show off and promote their books to a new audience. Not only is it a great way to gain exposure for the artists, but even you get to discover a new work that you may fall in love with.

Celebrity guests

Sometimes these guests are there to promote anime and comic-con, but they’re also there also for autographs, pictures, and anecdotes about working on the film/series.

Merchandise booths

Another way fans earn a living through their hobby is by selling their merchandise. If you’re wondering what kind of merchandise will they be selling, they can consist of comics, toys, video, clothing, services like comic grading, and even cosplay artisans to help you with your dream costume.


As you already know, there will be cosplayers wandering around the show, exhibiting their hard work. This would be an amazing experience as you get to appreciate the art form and details in their cosplay as well as take a photo with your favorite character!

Make new friends

In a big gathering of people with similar interests, this would be the best opportunity to find new groups of friends! So just go up, say hi, and enjoy the conversation.

And now you’re ready!

Congratulations! Now that you’ve read the full guide to anime and comic-con, you’re fully prepared to enjoy this event happily!

Also, if you plan to go in a costume, why not check out Animee Cosplay for some high-quality cosplay wigs to match your outfit? Or read about The Beauty of Cosplay to understand why this activity is such a big hit now.

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