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Top 10 Genshin Impact Cosplays For Your Next Convention

Genshin Impact is a game that took the entire globe by storm. They handled many aspects of the Game meticulously well, but the Character Designs are just on another level. What’s more, the fanbase absolutely adores almost all of them in some way or another. Can you imagine better characters to cosplay for your next Convention? So let’s hop onto our Top 10 Picks for the Best Genshin Impact Cosplays that you should consider!

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Following Sumeru’s Archon Quest, Nahida instantly became many players’ favorite Archon so far. This adorable Dendro Catalyst user is the vessel of the Goddess Buer, Lesser Lord Kusanali. After being freed from her 500-year confinement in the Sanctuary of Surasthana, she now strives to be a better God who looks over her people. 

Despite her child-like appearance, Nahida is the Goddess of Wisdom and thus possesses exceptional intelligence, knowledge, and planning. She is also kind and practical, showing a keen interest in mortal behavior. So don your Elf ears and look as cute as possible for this cosplay!

Raiden Shogun

For many fans, the Raiden Shogun will always be the best character. This character is actually two beings in one body: the first is Ei, the current Electro Archon presiding over Inazuma; and the Shogun, the sentient puppet created by Ei to rule in her stead and serve as her vessel. 

Outside of having insanely powerful Gameplay, she is also stunningly beautiful. Ei possesses a quite stern demeanor but is actually emotive and sociable in the right situations. Her past mistakes will not forever define her, because she has always been devoted to Inazuma and its people. As such, prepare to show the world Inazuma’s Eternal brilliance at your next convention! 

Hu Tao

Hu Tao has one of the biggest fan bases in the game and it’s easy to see why. Her antics and eccentric personality mask her more serious nature as the 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, but she remains lively through it all. 

Hu Tao’s quirky and cheerful, and enjoys playing pranks on people and living her life to the fullest. This is because she fully understands and respects the value of Life and Death. Her attire and affinity to the element Pyro pay homage to that fact, so treat the details of this Cosplay with utmost care. Her Crimson Red ensemble is unmistakable as it is gorgeous!

Hu Tao used to be one of the top 10 Genshin Impact cosplays when the game is out!

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The resident Electro Princess of Mondstadt, Fischl von Luftschloss Narfidort, is an irreplaceable investigator for the Adventurers’ Guild and is accompanied by the night raven Oz 24/7. Her outlandish theories and constant Role-Playing have diminished her friend circle, but those who stick around tend to play along, knowing that she is actually a very kind and well-behaved yet bashful girl.

Mastering her Voice Lines for this cosplay might be challenging, but well worth the effort! So do your Tiara and step into the fantasy story of this benevolent princess! 


Who did you choose at the start of the Game? Whether she is the Traveler or the Abyss Sibling, a Lumine cosplay is going to leave the masses star-struck. While her personality can change depending on the role she is playing, it ranges from stoic, humble, and helpful to boastful, lazy, and short-tempered. Regardless, she has so many characters falling head-over-heels for her thanks to her undeniable charm and personality.

Jumping from one world to another while traveling the universe, she has graced Teyvat with her presence this time. So find your Paimon and start adventuring!


The current vessel of the Geo Archon, Morax, is definitely one of the most attractive male characters in the game. Zhongli works as a consultant of Wangsheng Funeral Parlor in Liyue and is more than happy to experience the world from the perspective of a mortal.

Personality-wise, he is calm, reserved, polite, and holds an air of nostalgia. Some also perceive him as stoic, but he has a very clear sentimental side too. Being the original creator of Mora, he is extremely careless when it comes to handling money and is a running gag in the community to this day. Either way, prepare the Osmanthus wine because he is always ready to reminisce!


What would Genshin be without its Archons? So there’s no way we can forget the game’s very first Archon, Venti. As the current vessel of the Anemo Archon, Barbatos, Venti is a free-spirited, musically-talented and wine-loving bard from Mondstadt. 

 He is one of the most mysterious and well-written characters in Genshin, showcasing a recalcitrant, carefree, and playful attitude on the outside. On the other hand, he speaks rather wisely and philosophically, always hiding a deeper meaning behind his words and songs. So prepare your Lyre and sing along with Teyvat’s most ethereal Bard at your next convention! 

Al Haitham

While he is a relatively new character, there is no shortage of Al Haitham admirers! Alhaitham is a member of the Haravatat faction of Sumeru Akademiya as well as the Akademiya’s Scribe. He is responsible for documenting their findings and drafting ordinances. There is no doubt that he is absolutely brilliant, but people are often perplexed by his disinterest in higher office despite his egocentricity. 

Al Haitham has an uncompromising view on rationality and the truth, making initial interactions tricky. But once you get to know him, he is a knowledgeable and reliable ally who’s got your back. Better grab the most complicated Book nearby as your prop! 


Scaramouche, a.k.a. Kunikuzushi, used to be the 6th Fatui Harbinger, codenamed the “Balladeer”. Originally created by Ei as a test for an indestructible Gnosis-bearing puppet, he was abandoned by his Creator and thus started a string of unfortunate events that eventually turned him cold and heartless.

Following many betrayals, he set off down a dark path. After all that was said and done, Scaramouche is still a really cool and memorable character. While the fanbase loves his Wanderer-version too, something about his snarky and sadistic personality is just attractive overall. So don your Hat in style for this cosplay! 


We cannot forget the very first weeks of Genshin’s release when everyone coveted Diluc and wanted him more than anyone else. He may have been power-creeped time and time again, but this Mondstadt noble from the Ragnvindr Clan is still a reliable DPS and a super attractive character.

Despite being the rich and popular owner of the Dawn Winery, Diluc’s troubled past leaves make his life complicated. As his adopted brother, Kaeya, states, they are both “anti-heroes with attitude problems”. Either way, you cannot go wrong with a cosplay of Genshin’s very own “Batman”!


And thus concludes our List of the Best Top 10 Genshin Impact Cosplays that you can do for your next Convention! Did you catch or miss your favorites? Well, a list of 10 can only include so much. Either way, we hope you got some great Cosplay ideas for your next masterpiece. Thanks for reading!

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