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Genshin Impact Hu Tao – 10 Things You Would Love To Know About Her!

If you’ve been playing Genshin Impact, then you have to be aware that there’s quite possibly no other character like Hu Tao. She is simply divine, whether in terms of her personality, or her character, she has managed to stand out amongst all of it.

Without further ado, here are ten facts about Hu Tao that you probably never knew before!

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10. A Unique Upbringing!

Hu Tao had a weird upbringing, to say the least. Even as a child, she did things in an unorthodox manner. She used to read while exercising, she would read at the age of three. She even used to sneak out of school to take quick naps in coffins and she arranged her very first funeral at the age of 13!

9. Her Commitment to Her Job!

Hu Tao might act like a clown every once in a while. But when it comes to her job, she takes it extremely seriously. She has walked the line between life and death quite vehemently, so she’s aware that funerals truly deserve respect. She takes care of all preparations with an obsessive mind, and makes sure everything is perfect.

8. She’s Well Aware of Everything in Liyue.

Nobody knows Liyue’s secrets more than Hu Tao, but she’s the kind of person who takes such information to the grave. All knowledge of the region’s past was passed down to her by her family, just like the funeral parlor was passed down to her. She knows almost everything about the region, all the roads, the hidden caves and entrances, and even the locations of every unique item!

7. She’s a Bit of a Loner…

Hu Tao, despite all of her limitless knowledge and her endless love for her craft, is still a loner. She doesn’t get along well with everyone due to her introverted nature. Her ability to not overspeak and keep quiet in desperate situations. She’s a soft person who doesn’t over-extend herself. However, the people she’s comfortable with know her as the most genuine and caring person in Liyue!

6. Her Worst Trait is Marketing!

Hu Tao is so bad at marketing that she literally has ‘buy one funeral, get one funeral free’ coupons. This brings a huge amount of black comedy to the game, things you shouldn’t laugh at but just cannot help it. There are also a ton of mischievous comedy things that happen when Hu Tao tries to advertise her business in front of the adventurers.

5. Stone Lions are Her Pets!?

The ministry of civil affairs in Liyue has stone lions sitting outside of it. Funny enough, these lions are actually Hu Tao’s pets! She would visit them every day and even give these two stone lions names! Whiskers and Mittens are her favorite cats in the entirety of Liyue!

4. She Loves SEAFOOD!

Hu Tao isn’t much of a foodie, however, if you throw down any form of Sea Food in front of her, she will not hesitate to gobble it up. Her favorite food is steamed fish and prawn dumplings, and perhaps some octopus too if she tried it! Although she’s not a big fan of weird foods, she loves seafood due to her hometown Liyue Harbor being quite the seaside area.

3. Her Best Friend is Xingqui!

Hu Tao is a loner, we know that much about her. However, she does have a tight-knit friends circle who she spends a lot of time with. Her best friend is Xingqui, and the two are genuinely huge fans of writing and literature. They get together to exchange writing and literary books, and the next fact about Poetry connects the two!

2. She Has a Love for Poetry!

Hu Tao has a love for poetry. It’s no secret that her love for reading and literature is the cause of this. She is a fantastic poet herself, writing some catchy lyrics to a few tunes that everyone across Liyue is a fan of. Hu Tao has a soft demeanor due to her love for the poetic arts. And her friendship with Xingqui is connected with her love for writing and literary arts.

1. Hu Tao is the Creator of the Hilitune!

If you were ever wondering how the HIlitune came into existence in Genshin Impact, well, Hu Tao is the one to praise there. She’s the one that created the Hilitune, and not only does she sing it, but she sings it fantastically. It’s funny to know that Dusky Ming, who has a huge love for the Hilitune has no idea where it came from!

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